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easy squeezy Saturday

What color are the curtains in your bedroom?

What is the color of the bedspread on your bed?

Have you ever tried to invent a new color? What would/did you call it?

some spam writing fun

I don't know if anyone is up to it. Periwinkle once had a challenge that was take a topic from your spam folder and create a drabble (100 words) or a very short ficlet from it. I mean, who can resist - limited lime (yes, that's what it says) offer?

Anyone game?

getting to know you

What song makes is the best song for a road trip?

What is the longest you have ever waited on hold?

In what ways has your world view evolved?

Just a reminder!

It's not too late to submit a photo prompt for the 2105 Halloween Challenge over on Scrapbook. It's not too late to pick up a prompt. Remember, prompts can be claimed by more than one person, so if you see something that inspires you to creepiness, it can be yours.

Pop over and check out it out!

An Educated Guess

Do you feel too much emphasis is being placed on going to college?

Do you feel kids today are given too much homework?

Did you belong to any after school activities?

caption this! Aloha Oi vey!

What is going on here and it is my imagination or does that guy in the background look like Steve McQueen?

What is your favorite houseplant? Do you have more than one of them? Do you give plants as a gift?

I Spy

Did you ever want to be a spy when you were a kid?

Have you ever been fingerprinted?

Did you ever try to use invisible ink?

Trans help, please

I think a few months ago there was a discussion about transgender issues on the canteen.  I wondered if anyone out there who knows about these things would be willing to help me with a dilemma.  Apologies if I say anything wrong or offensive in this post, I dont mean to, I'm just don't know enough to know what is and isn't offensive.

We got a music teacher for our children through an agency and were presented with an excellent teacher, referred to in the e-mails as 'she', who appeared to me to be a tomboyish woman, and who was simply called by 'her' initials.  The children and I joked about the initials and after the second lesson, she told me that the children had said something about her name and asked if I had been talking to the agent.  I felt she seemed somewhat nervous but didn't think about it and just explained that we had been wondering what the initials stood for.  She seemed to relax, made a joke and we didn't think any more about it.

Since this person is a composer, I wanted to hear some of their music, so looked them up online and discovered that they are non-binary (which I had never heard of before) and something of an activist.  I wondered whether I should say anything to find out which pronouns they like to use but my husband said it was a bit creepy to look them up online.  Our friend, who was once the LGBT rep for Kent County Council, said that it would be much better to make a safe space for them to tell me when they felt ready, so I regularly offered cups of tea or coffee and  once or twice mentioned our gay friend, but they clearly decided not to say anything.  Which I took to mean it's none of my business.  It is, of course, not relevant, but I worried that I wasn't being supportive by allowing them a space to be themselves.  Of course, this is a space they only inhabit an hour a week in term time so it might not matter to them to be open here, or they might not feel comfortable, or I might be worrying too much about labels.

Then, after reading an article about Caitlin Jenner, I followed some links and found the music teacher's name listed in big letters in a wordcloud of transgender icons in a document from TransMediaWatch.  I wanted to offer them a kudos, but couldn't, because I don't know whether I'm meant to know, or meant to know but not say anything because it's not relevant or none of my business, and I feel weird everytime I say 'she' to the children because I know it's wrong and I hate being inaccurate.  Except my feelings are not the relevant ones here, and I could swallow it and say nothing if it weren't for their nervousness way back after the second lesson, which makes me wonder whether they are not saying anything because they are worried I will have a negative response.  I couldn't care less, they are an excellent teacher, the children love them, and it would be helpful for the children to meet someone non-binary while still relatively young (9 and 8).

Inicidentally, I did ask the agent what I should do, thinking she would be able to advise, and it turns out that she's been dithering over the same issue for the last year too, after another student contcted her and asked her the same question.  She hadn't known - the teacher hadn't told her.

So, should I say something, should I mind my own business, and am I overthinking this?


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