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[sticky post] Welcome to the Canteen!

Can·teen (noun) - a restaurant provided by an organization such as a military camp, college, factory, or company for its soldiers, students, staff, etc.

The Canteen was created as a place for people to gather and talk, not just about Man from UNCLE, but about anything, including, but not limited to Doctor Who, Star Trek, Star Wars, The Professionals, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings and so on

There are no restrictions upon posting other than there be no bashing of another's lifestyle or choices. Everyone is encouraged to post questions of any sort, recipes, pictures, stories, anything you can think of. You can ask for recs, research info, writing tips, and so on. Quite literally, this is your community to do with as you will. I hope that you will feel encouraged to take advantage of it.

If you have any questions, you can always PM me,spikesgirl58 or sparky955. We are here to serve you!


Caution - dangerous book ahead

Is there such thing as a dangerous book?

Should children be prohibited from reading certain books? Has reading made you a better person?

Have you purposefully read a banned book as a child?

Some of them include:

Winnie the Pooh
The Giving Tree
Where's Waldo
James and the Giant Peach
Harriet the Spy
Anne Frank
Bridge to Terabithia
Charlotte Web
Alice in Wonderland

One from the vaults

A few years have passed and we've seen some pretty big changes, perhaps even more to come if we get our first woman president, so I was wondering...

would Napoleon and Illya have been able to work with a female Section One Number One? Obviously, it didn’t happened – UNCLE was strangely behind THRUSH in promoting women into positions of real power. Perhaps it was an underhanded way (by studio execs) of saying women were dangerous and underhanded, so for a woman to be in power, she must be evil or at least cultivating ulterior motives. Still, I can’t help but wonder, would either man have been able to not only accept a woman in a command position over them, but respect her as an equal as they did Waverly?

What say you about woman power, cousins?
Back when Windows 10 offered a free upgrade, I went ahead and installed it and haven't had any problems until recently. I get my internet through my phone company Century Link, and I have been on the phone with them at least 10 times in the past month with Wi-Fi problems. I'd be kicked off the net at least once a day and sometimes three times a day. They checked my system remotely several times and sent out a linesman to check wiring twice.

Two days ago, my
Wi-Fi simply disappeared from the computer which showed there was no wireless device in use. Finally, after talking with an Avast tech, I was told that a recent Windows 10 update had caused computers updated with their program to lose Wi-Fi capability. I found a site that offered a free driver download and tried it. Problem fixed! Here it is in case anyone else needs to use it.



At a movie theater which arm rest is yours?

What was the last thing you ate?

Who was the last person you hugged?

besides the annoyance factor.

Why did they change a perfectly good and workable table in Waverly's office into that stupid half globe thing in Season Two-Four? Crap, they could have probably paid Napoleon's dry cleaning bill for a year with what they paid for it. Was it just to keep Napoleon from having sex on the table? Or something more sinister?

What say you, cousins?

Just wondering

What kind of critters are you scared / nervous of?

Do you collect anything? What?

What is something that makes you cringe?

speaking of writing research...

Check out the Writers' Police Academy.

I've attended this three times, and it is well worth it. All of the instructors are professionals, and they are delighted to talk to writers and answer questions. It's a very hands-on kind of conference.


Inquiring minds and all that...

Do you think Waverly has cameras sprinkled around the place as a possible defense for invasion or to keep Napoleon from getting too frisky in the Map Room?

So, hey, hey,

What do you think of our new banner? This comes from the very talented avery11. My thanks to her and to TBG for getting this to work. Also to nakeisha and eve_n_furter for their help!



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