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I Have a Question...

One of my reviewers on ff.net mentioned she bought a CD entitled "The Jazz from UNCLE Live in Concert."  It was a 50th Anniversary celebration of the show.

Anyone heard of it?  Own it?  Is it any good?


Money, money, money, always money!

Operating costs. Health insurance. Napoleon's suits.

How did UNCLE have stay financially solvent and financially independent?


Just Wondering...

Am I the only person who gets plotbunnies for weird MFU crossovers?  Just taking a few recent examples that have wandered through my mind:

  • Green Acres / The Man From U.N.C.L.E. - Napoleon and Illya follow up a THRUSH plot in Hooterville.  Lisa becomes the innocent.  Fred Ziffel's pig Arnold eats the microdot.

  • Mad Men / The Man From U.N.C.L.E. - Mr Waverly thinks U.N.C.L.E.'s image needs burnishing, and hires Sterling Cooper to run the advertising campaign.  Unfortunately THRUSH has the same idea (and the same advertising agency!)

  • Absolutely Fabulous / The Return of the Man From U.N.C.L.E. - As a fashion designer, Illya has to deal with weird people--and who are weirder than fashionistas Patsy and Edina?

  • The New Avengers / The Man From U.N.C.L.E.  - Illya has to team up with Purdey.  You know it makes sense!

Anyone else got any ideas they'd like to share?

Just wondering

I mean, it was apparently well know enough for them to be protesting it at Waverly's alma mater, so just how secret is UNCLE?

Linda White created an MFU universe called "Third Level". Her original characters were particularly vivid and wonderfully appealing. Avery Bates, a fellow Section Two and a friend of both of the boys, in a serious discussion about Section Two agents, asked the following. “Ain’t you ever read your psyche file? Them shrinks they make us talk to? They think we’re all nuts, and that’s based on the vanilla version of crap we shovel for their benefit. Personally, I think if they label somebody sane, Waverly moves him to a desk job. Not cut out for the field anymore.”

How did Section Two stay, relatively, sane? Knowing what excellent storytellers, okay, well, liars, the agents were, how would the Psych department monitor their mental stability?

just wondering

Remember when it was okay to smoke on TV?

just wondering

Did you ever read any of the old Man from UNCLE comics?

have you read other TV show based comics?


There is a large law firm that advertises on my local TV stations fairly often. Their commercials used to feature a 60-ish Robert Vaughn. I saw the same commercial recently and there is a new actor now. Not using a deceased person is the correct thing to do, but it makes me a little sad anyway.


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