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Is MFU Fandom Dying?

The answer is definitely no but it has been constantly evolving and changing over the last 50+ years.

I did a longitudinal study and published a chapter in an academic collection on fandom communities and did several conference presentations. Unfortunately, the academic book, like all academic books, is on the expensive side.

If anyone wants to read the study, let me know and I'll find a way to share it. I can't post it in a public forum.

Just a passing fad? I think not

Blondie_54 asked a question in a previous post and I thought I'd toss it out.

What is it about MFU that makes it last in our memories and has creative, for some of us, a live long passion for the show?

For me, it was almost instantly, the connection between Illya and Napoleon. I liked DMc from Invisible Man and had seen RV, but certainly wasn't a fan. Apart, they were good, together it was something else.

I loved the first season cloak and dagger and even the second season's sense of fun. Even thought S3 was silly and S4, too serious, it was still MFU. It spoke not is a whisper, but a roar. I could not shake it, nor have I tried very hard.

So, what say you, cousin?

This makes me sad

but I have a feeling that MFU is a dying fandom. Unlike ST which has had many other versions to carry it forward, we have had but one movie that was met with lukewarm responses.

What do you think? Is MFU on its way out after our generation shuffles off its mortal coils?

A Blast From the Past!

Found! Have Any Cousins Owned One Of These ?

Another bit of fun from our Glory Days. I remember a lot of these shows and between my younger sisters and myself, played with many of the toys.

Sarurday Morning TV Memories 1964 - 1976 (34 minutes long)

Forgot this last week

recipesCollapse )

Two for the price of one -  chicken Moamba  and Spicy Carrot Salad   the second one is very good.  The first one, well, I haven't had the time to try it yet... as I do not have a house boy or a palm tree.

I heard it's Superb Owl Sunday.

Being British, I have little to no interest in the Super Bowl. I don't care all that much for British Sports either to be honest. However, I saw this picture and it made me laugh more than necessary :-D



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