sparky955 (sparky955) wrote in mfu_canteen,

Drabble: Rebirth

Note to The Muse: before 11:45pm, please?

Life comes from death.

This is a proven fact.  Trees barren throughout winter awaken each spring with new leaves.  Carrion provides nutrition enabling scavengers to survive.

So, although there may be pain with the dying process, that pain results in rebirth, a continuation, a new beginning.

I remind myself of that as I experience the destruction of every inner belief, every intellectual overruling to emotion within myself.

As I stand at the window staring sightlessly into the night, his words echo in my mind.

"I love you, partner.  I'm in love with you, Illya."

And, through those words, my transformation begins.
Tags: drabble, not death fic, slash

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