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McCallum Sighting - "Watcher in The Woods" on FEAR Net

"Watcher in The Woods" will be broadcast on the FEAR Network over the next few days.  While I'm not certain if this is the first time the movie has been televised, it is the first time I've seen the movie listed.

For cousins who aren't familiar with the movie, "Watcher" affords DM one of those rare opportunities to portray a family man. His character, Paul Curtis, is a loveable, charming guy, and his scenes are well worth watching.

"Watcher" is a Disney production, but it is one of the early ventures into movies that are not suitable for younger kids. It is an exceedingly dark movie, with bits of the occult built into the ending (it's creepy. spooky horror, not gory horror).

A bit of trivia:
There are a few scenes in the movie that were edited and filmed some months after the original filming. Carroll Baker who portrayed the mom did not return to England to film the edited scenes. At the time, DM was in England filming Sapphire and Steel. As S&S viewers will note, DM has the Steel Assignment 1 look.

Here are the broadcast dates and times for the movie.

4/25 at 6:00 PM
4/26 at 6:00 AM
4/30 at 10:00 AM
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