sparky955 (sparky955) wrote in mfu_canteen,

Name 10 Things

...that you never....and I MEAN EVER...want to feel again.

In no particular order, a girdle cutting off my circulation...the slightest amount of wool against my skin...the moment of dread when I knew that the really low hemoglobin value indicated Ron's kidneys had given up...the way my feet hurt in my first pair of Nurse Mates shoes worn in my first position as a graduate nurse (they were SO cute....they were AGONY).....panty hose....a kidney stone.... the very moment the regional nerve block wore off my left ankle post-operatively (lasted 18 hours)....the lumbar back pain I had in 2001... cheap bed linen (okay, I'm a sensualist, but I can't hack rough-feeling sheets) .... hopelessness.
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