Fiction and Fiddlesticks (seriesfive) wrote in mfu_canteen,
Fiction and Fiddlesticks

Trope Bingo - Round Two Opens Today! :D

I'd like to promote a fun community over at Dreamwidth today:

The Trope Bingo Community over at Dreamwidth has finally started its second round of trope-madness today, meaning there are a lovely 75 tropes to write about, and they are just waiting for you to come over, take a look, and grab yourself a card. :D

The comm is still rather small. It's only our second round after all, but for everyone who loves to play with tropes - play them straight, subvert or invert them, do them as a parody - Trope Bingo is a good place to have fun.

It'd be great to see some of you participating in the current round!
Tags: misc, promotion

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