sparky955 (sparky955) wrote in mfu_canteen,

Name 10 Things

...that you cannot stop eating.

In no particular order: beef jerky...freshly made, still warm, homemade bread...sushi... creme brulee...Taco Bell's FIRE sauce ... fresh, raw English peas from the shell ... gazpacho... Jeni's ice cream (locally made boutique flavors like Chocolate Cayenne & Thai Peanut, & Buttermilk Mint) ... the strawberry chicken salad at Panera Bread... Charlie's lamb curry (I mean, I wanted to kick them both out of their own house, barricade myself inside, and eat it all myself) ... pizzelles (Italian waffle-type cookie).

And, incidentally, I do not allow myself to have beef jerky, homemade bread or pizzelles in the self control, none.
Tags: name 10 things

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