sparky955 (sparky955) wrote in mfu_canteen,

Name Ten Things

...that you like about living in the year 2013.

In no particular order:  TV shows from my childhood & adolescence coming out on DVD... broad-spectrum antibiotics like Vancomycin & Zosyn that wipe out infections that used to take lives... The Weather Channel (okay, I'm a geek)... the ease of taking pictures digitally ... personal computers (I love me my Toshiba and I love me my Kindle Fire) ... the increasing attention being paid to accepting all types of bodies rather than focusing on one certain stereotype ... internet radio ... knowing that the growth of transplantable healthy organs from stem cells will happen in my lifetime... that it's NOT 1966 to 1983 anymore and that it's not 2001 to 2007 anymore ! ..... mondo-sizedna flat-screen HD TV's (okay, mine is 37 inches, but it's fabulous as long as I never have to move it again....oy!)
Tags: name 10 things

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