sparky955 (sparky955) wrote in mfu_canteen,

Name 10 Things

...that you must have around you to feel secure and peaceful.

In no particular order:  music (new age, soft jazz, 60's & 70's, the occasional disco)... my hot pink Berkshire Blanket throw that my brother gave me for Christmas (I sleep with it.....yes, at 55, I have turned into Linus).... handmade lace doilies.... silk flowers in shades of pink, cream, white & yellow... the dynamic duo known as Spike and Tazz...  a minimum of 2 months of canned & dry cat food... a full charge on my cell, my Kindle & my laptop... a clean kitchen sink with no dirty dishes ...  soft pink light bulbs (not only do 60 watt bulbs help conserve electricity, but nobody can tell if you haven't dusted) ... an organized desk.
Tags: name 10 things

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