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It occurs to me that some thanks needs to be said.

There is someone who most of us know.  She has been the Voice of MFU for many years and I think that there were times when she, and she alone, kept our favorite show from falling into obscurity.  There are others who pat themselves on the back and congratulate themselves for keeping the show alive, but when it was the darkest, she was there.  She was there from the start and I suspect she will be there until the very end.

An educator, she has written and spoken to throngs of people.  She taught the messages of the show, a message of brains over emotion and of the hope that we will someday be united. 

As a writer, she has written scores of short stories and novels.  She has been recently published and still she can find the time to reach out to a struggling new writer and encourage them, teaching them to not merely write better MFU but to write better.   Her love has never faltered.

She has been our voice, our support and our friend for many years.  Thank you for everything that you’ve done to keep MFU alive and well, old friend.

Cousins, I give you:

St Crispin.
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