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MFU on CrashVan for October

Crack Van for Monthly Featured Fandom for Man from UNCLE            

Starting tomorrow for the month of October, I will be posting some of my favorite MFU stories from various authors (so many I love and can only post 12 this month, boy was this hard to narrow down.) MFU hasn't been highlighted for a long time and with elmry help, I hope some other writers will take on the challenge.

Volunteers rotate on a monthly basis, and guarantee the community a minimum of one rec per week but not more than 12 and a cross over a month, of an outstanding fic in their fandom. All ratings, all pairings, het, gen and slash are all welcome.

I hope you join me in remembering these stories and think about ‘driving’ a month. 

Make sure to follow or join  the community to get notices of posting or you can just Crack Van's address http://crack-van.livejournal.com/ and click on the Man from UNCLE tag on the left.


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