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Some fun new communities

Here to do a little pimping.

There are a couple of fun communities that I wanted to share with you:
The first one is: Eclectic Muzik 
From its user page:
A friendly group created September 2013 dedicated to songs that its members love/would like others to listen to!  This is a friendly group dedicated to songs that we as members love and would like others to listen to! It's a great chance to hear new songs and artists and broaden our minds to other people's music!
Basically, every couple of weeks you are asked to recommend a favorite song or group.  Then they are all posted and you get to listen to a whole bunch of great music from around the world.  Seriously – follow the link and check out the most recent postings.  Cardiff Bay reminded me of all the reasons why I fell in love with Wales.

The next one is a game community called:  Balderdash Game

From its user page
This is a fun community where we play balderdash.


I will provide the group with a word, a person’s name, an initial, a movie title or a date. All players then write down a definition, which may be an honest attempt to supply the correct definition, or, if they do not know or for tactical reasons decide not to, a fictitious definition for the word designed to sound convincing.

It’s loads of fun and a new game is just about to start.

So if you have some time on your hands or just want to play or enjoy some music, you might want to check these out!
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