jkkitty (jkkitty) wrote in mfu_canteen,

Holiday memories question

I know that Spikesgirl usually ask a question a day, but hope she doesn't mind me asking this one.    What one memory of your childhood holidays do you wish you could repeat.

Mine is going to Midnight Mass for the first time. It was a custom in my family that when you turned 13 you were allowed to attend Midnight Mass with the grow-up. I remember sitting between my father and mother, my grandparents on one side and my 10 aunts and uncles on the other. (I was the first grandchild to reach 13) I was in awe of the lights, music and people singing in English, Polish, and Latin. When we went home, I was allowed to help put the presents under the tree. (oh my even today this memory brings tears of happiness). I was now an adult in the eyes of my family. An exciting yet bittersweet moment. From childhood to adult.
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