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My tree

Since we're showing off our Christmas trees, here's mine.  I need to take another picture of the wreath, one without the flash.  It really is nicer than it shows in the picture.  Also, the tree is new this year (in additon to the wreath, which I made), it's a pre-lit tree, which is about 2 years long overdue in purchasing. But I had been searching for a fat tree when the only tress available were skinny trees.  *sigh*  It took some time, but I finally found one.  It's a little smaller than my old tree, which is a good 25 years old, and not pre-lit.  but for 98 bucks, I'll take this until I have the funds for a nicer tree.


You can view more on facebook.

Because I got such a late start on decorating this year (didn't start until last week) I'm not sure if I'm going to do more than I have.  I do want to put the garland on the railing, but the thought of doing that, just wears me out.  I will spend Saturday baking, Sunday afternoon at a home show/party for my Jockey business and then the following week, I will drop off the cookies at church (I said I'd bake 20 dozen, I'm going to try to break that goal as a personal challenge) and go to a singles Christmas party that same night, then I'm doing lights at church that weekend and will have the week off from work.  Which means I'm doubling up on my workload at work, this week and next, to compensate for taking a week off.  Then there's shopping with a friend on the 23rd, baking at some point that week for a cookie exchange that I'm hosting on the 28th, and I will have to clean the basement (which is where the festivities will be), pick up packaging for people to take cookies home in and decide if we're going to play a game or something.  Oh and figure out what appetizer I'm going to make and what drinks I'm going to have for the ladies and do any shopping for that as needed. 
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