spikesgirl58 (spikesgirl58) wrote in mfu_canteen,

Caveat emptor

For Christmas, I got the holy grail of MFU Christmas gifts. The Big Guy presented me with the Illya Kuryakin model that he won on E Bay. Now, granted it wasn't a ton of money, I am doing a slow burn. Apparently it is a cast of a model and a poor job of it at that. The kicker - they used Polyurethane. Model glue doesn't work on it. Superglue doesn't work on it. Regular glue doesn't work on it. I fell back onto my theatre roots and, thankfully, hot glue works just fine. It was interesting for a bit, though.

My advice - if you see a really good deal for a model, grab it, but give it a good looking over when you receive it. There should be little pegs and holes for the pieces to sit in. This thing even had "By toMi" painted on the back and it was transferred over. We didn't see this until we were trying different paint samples on it.

As the movie gets closer and MFU becomes more collectable, I suspect we will see more and more cases of this. Just be careful.
Tags: mfu toys

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