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Fic: Gratitude of Spies

A tribute to Vysila

You have to watch THIS before reading.

Author: Open_channel_d
Genre: Genre?
Rating: PG 13
Disclaimer: Not mine and no money is being made

I'm very much grateful to spikesgirl58 for beta-ing and injj for making this gif at my request.

2014, January 1, early morning

The door squeaked opened a crack and two heads peered inside.

"It's so dark here."


"Switch off the light immediately, Napoleon! Do you forget that Spike gets up very early to write something new about us and she may be somewhere round here?"

"Sorry". Click.

Cautious steps were heard, then a wallop of falling furniture clattered. "Damn!"

"Quiet, Illya! You want the girls to come running up here ahead of the game?" Solo hissed indignantly.

"I bumped into a chair in this darkness!  What a dump these girls have here..."

"That's not a dump, Illya, that's a creative clutter. All the creative people have it," Napoleon noted, smiling indulgently. "And it's you who wanted the light switched off."

In the dim light of the window, the two figures carried a huge basket of flowers, with the caption Many thanks to Vysila for wonderful Down the Chimney.

"Let's put the basket here, Napoleon. We can't go farther. There are piles of manuscripts ahead. Probably, those are Jkkitty's new stories about us."

"But I'd like to read them! She loves me so much."

"Not now, Napoleon. I'm afraid, Svetlanacat is going to post a new manip about us and she might come in any moment."

"Would be nice to take a look at it..." Napoleon muttered as Illya pulled his hand. "Illya, are you sure Vysila will like our gift?"

"Of course, I'm sure. All the Russian women love to get flowers as a gift"

"Russians? There are only two Russians here and Vysila is not among them!"

"Okay, Napoleon. Your suggestions? What do American women love?"

"Well... They love Russian spies... They love you."

"Oh no, I'm not ready to be a gift! Anything else?"

"Mmmmm, yes, perhaps, you're right. Flowers are the best choice," Solo couldn't argue with Illya's reinforced-concrete argument. Could he share his Russian with anyone else?

"I'm always right," the blond grumbled.

"Yes, you are," Napoleon murmured into Illya's ear, pressing him against the wall. "My sweet little sprat, I'm going to eat you now!"

"Napoleon, stop!  Injj wouldn't like it. Don't you remember she is not okay with slash?"

"She made a whole lot of wonderful gifs here and she doesn't believe about slash between us up to now? We will have to find a way to convince her..."

"Not now, Napoleon, not now!" Illya pushed away Napoleon's persistent hands. "We should go. Nobody has to guess who brought these flowers."

"However, Elmey will guess at once - she knows you too well. Sometimes, it even scares me a bit, she knows everything of your past. Confess, Illyushka. You told her something about you?"

"I didn't! And then, Open_channel_d ratted me out completely."

"Oh, Illya, who are the spies: we're or they're?"

"Definitely, we are. They're just loving fans," the blond said smugly. "And hurry up, Yelizaveta likes stopping by here at nights."

"The grammar-nazi whose cats are named after us?"

"Yes, we take a great risk being here so long."

"But I wanted to watch Vysila's fanvids..."

"Napoleon, are you kidding?! They will be here at any moment. We should leave our basket of flowers for Vysila and climb out of here as soon as possible... Oh, no! They're already here!"

Voices came from outside the door. A second later, the door swung open and the MFU fans froze in the doorway.

"Hi, girls!" Two radiant smiles met dumbfounded open-mouthed fan girls' faces.


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