sparky955 (sparky955) wrote in mfu_canteen,

In response to Spike's question: It seems like everyone wants to know everything about you these day

"It seems like everyone wants to know everything about you these days. In many cases, the requests are valid, but in some it leads me to wonder - How much information is ‘too much information’ and should companies be allowed to collect and share information about you?"

Damn work firewall/quarantene system.

From a healthcare perspective, and I know this will not be necessarily to everyone's liking, more is better.  What we don't know about your medical history can kill you. In many instances, what we don't know about your biological family history can hurt you, too.  It's not being nosy, it's honestly just wanting to keep you alive.

Do health care systems need to share information?  Yes, quickly and concisely.
Does Target, et al, need to share information?  Oh,hell, no.

I understand the need for marketing & advertising...but sometimes, it all seems a bit "big brother-ish".

(and, I won't know until tonight if this post even posts.....)

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