bluemeanybeany (bluemeanybeany) wrote in mfu_canteen,

Gymnite Report In: The Pain Begins

Greeting my little bundles of enthusiastic joy. How are we all doing.

Illya is being very supportive this week by building up his up arm strength, I've decided that he should always exercise in the white shirt of doom.
I have been doing my usual this week, but did attempt to also do Sleep Week. It was somewhat of a success in that I think I got over 7 hours of sleep each night but I am surprised just how hard it is to get that much and pretty much failed at 8 hours on any work night. I shall try again this week, but modern life doesnt really seem to be conducive to my attempt. I think we should all probably try to come up with work-life balance plans also as I'm majorly failing at that, and stress leads to comfort eating and retaining weight. I've really needed chocolate this week. Also -possibly too much information - but it's that time of the month, and not being able to eat chocolate to curtail it has made me massively pissed off this weekend and generally annoyed and fed up.

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