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Answering "Getting to know you Friday"

An optimist, a pessimist, or a realist?   A pessimist.  I am a registered nurse and after 31 years, my education has become my personality.  Nurses are educated to expect that every patient they have will try to die during their 8-12 hour shift, and that they have plan to prevent that from happening.  As such, I expect the worst, plan for it, and try to keep the worst from happening.

A quick learner?  Faster than many, but not as fast as I used to be.  I learn by doing.  240 hours of classes to prepare for the integrated electronic medical record that the medical center went to a couple of years ago.  The classes themselves were useless.  Working 40 hours a week with the new system is how I learned it.  And, after the end of the first week, it was okay.

bored easily or a self entertainer?   I remember my mom telling people when I was little how well I played by myself.  And, I do, perhaps a bit too well.  I can always find something to keep my interested, amused, or zoned out.

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