eilidhsd (eilidhsd) wrote in mfu_canteen,

Sentimental journey


Things are SO good at home that today I got my first day out for over seven months, and I thought I would let you see where I ended up. I was meeting a friend in Glasgow and she had to leave after we had lunch. So since I had time on my own, and wasn't a kick in the pants off Kersland Street...



Now, I have to say that you should not always believe what you read in teen magazines, and I have never checked it out on Scotlandspeople, but it fits with what he said in the TV interview he did here for Lion in Winter about living in a Glasgow tenement, and the interviewer pointing out that it was in one of the better parts of Glasgow; and also with a Reader's Digest article posted here, about his mother pushing him in a bathchair around the Botanic Gardens. The gardens are about 400 yards away from the house - jouk across Great Western Road at an angle and you are there.

There is no blue plaque to say that anyone famous was born there. The Scottish Government was asking for recommendations last year for new plaques, and I was tempted to put in a nomination, but I didn't.

The road is blocked off now - it is a cul-de-sac with parking only for residents, but somehow going in a straight line back along the motorway from the airport to my home town I can find myself reversing out of this little city centre cul-de-sac. Very odd.

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