duckys_lady (duckys_lady) wrote in mfu_canteen,

Man from UNCLE dolls

Spikesgirl asked a question about outfits we would like to see for the dolls, so I couldn't resist posting some I have rounded up over the years.

IK holster

The tie is too wide, but this suit and shoulder holster came off of ebay at really reasonable prices.

NS tux

Napoleon's tux is from a Ken as Ricky Ricardo.

Two IKs

IK on the left has his own outfit plus an older Ken's plaid shirt.
It reminded me of Abominable Snowman.
IK on the right has a suit from a 2000 era Ken.
This is my outfit for Solo.


Of course, I had to dress some as Ducky!
The scrubs are from a 90's or so Ken.
The jumpsuit is from ebay for less than $10. 

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