sparky955 (sparky955) wrote in mfu_canteen,

BIG HUG to Lindafishes8 !!!!!

Sorry, channeling my inner Teletubbie tonight.  Greetings, oh my cousin.

I'm Sparky, also known as Spikegirl's Ohio minion.  (Despicable Me reference, Spike is big time into minions).  I'm a first cousin, having fallen madly and passionately in love as only an 8 year old can with Mr. McCallum/Illya back in the day.  I found online MFU fandom in late 2007 after my husband died, and decided to replay my childhood and adolescence.  The cousins, as we MFU fen call ourselves, have been an unbelievable blessing to me as I've started my life over.  We giggle together, we cry together, we whine together, we support each other through real life, and we squee together over The Pretty (blond & blue eyed) and The Brunet (brown hair and eyes).   Let me assure you, this is a very safe place to play.  I got 4th degree burns back in the early 90's in a beading forum which caused me to lurk online and never participate in anything until I found LiveJournal.   We may be a fairly bawdy bunch at time, but we tend to bend over backwards to not hurt anybody's feelings.

You are MORE than welcome here.

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