Shelly (cosmosmariner) wrote in mfu_canteen,

Question for the Community....

Hey ladies,

I'm looking for a little assistance, if you please? :)

I remember there was a group on Facebook that was stealing works, cropping the watermarks/copyright marks, and posting it as their own works. I know that we were able to get them to stop somehow, but I can't remember how. The reason I ask is because a friend of mine is experiencing something similar in a different fandom.

After a brief hiatus, which they undoubtedly thought would be enough to make everyone forget them, they're back at it - not asking permission or giving specific credit to any artists, merely using this blanket pseudo-disclaimer: Picture for viewing not credit...~Spikey.

Obviously, this is rotten, and the offending parties have banned people who are complaining and asking for credit from their Facebook page. Does anyone have any advice I can give to my friends who are experiencing this?

Thanks in advance - I really appreciate all the help you can give!
Tags: help!, off topic

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