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Prompt #36 Examination Sure You Are! (first posted in MFU 1000

Title: Sure You Are!
Author:  jkkitty
Rating: Gen
Word Count: 100
Prompt:  #36. Examination

“Come on partner, the doctor needs to see how much damage Thrush did.”

“I do not need an examination.”

“So there’s nothing wrong with you?” Napoleon said thick with sarcasm.

“I am fine.”illya 50

“Then why are you limping and holding your side?"

“Your powers of observation never stop astonishing me.”

“I could order you.”

“You could try.”

“To medical now,” Napoleon said leading him to infirmary.

“There is nothing wrong with me,” Illya turned quickly as they reached the examination table causing him to lose consciousness.

“Nothing wrong right,” Napoleon caught his partner depositing him on the gurney.
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