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In honor of our hostess, who is most assuredly coughing as I type this: a question

If you believe in life after death, what would you like it to be for you?

(for those who don't believe in life after death, my apologies -- no offense is intended by the asking of this question)

In no particular order:
1. A stone house right on the beach with a great big covered wrap-around porch
2. All of my cats and all of the cats who were ever abused/abandoned with me
3. All of my anger/hurt toward my deceased family members gone with no memory of the bad times
4. Big dinners every night with all of those family members with no fighting
5. A rose garden, I've always wanted one
6. I'd like to be able to fly.  No wings, thank you very much.  Just to be like Superman, up up and away.
7. To be able to order the weather (this morning I'd like a bit of rain, but I'd like it to be gone later, and no humidity, if you please.
8. I'd like to meet the people I admired who I was never brave enough to contact... I'd like to tell them what they meant to me.
9. Making love.  Lots and lots and lots.  And lots.  And lots.  Lots.
10. re: #2 - cats who no longer need to eliminate wastes
11. I'd like to learn how to quilt.
12. I'd like to be a guardian spirit for someone like I was: alone, scared, sad
13. Music without having to turn on a radio or a computer... music in the air just by thinking about a song
14. I'd like to be the guardian conscience of people who make health insurance medical policy guidelines
15. re: #9 - I'd like my "imaginary" concept of David to be involved, for about a quarter of a millennium.  Or so.
16. I would like to be hugged every single hour.
17. I would like Liberace to teach me to play the piano.  Yeah, I know, but he liked to make people happy & I like that in a person.
18. I'd like to spend some time in space to see the other planets and lifeforms.
19. I would love to experience zero gravity.  Maybe I could have a room in my house with no gravity that I could float in whenever I wanted.
20. I would like to throw big picnics on the beach for everybody who would want to come....and the nice thing would be, there would actually be people who would want to come.

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