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Wilds of Canada Affair Chapter 3 of 7

Inocencio Oreato from the Babyhead Fungus Affair returns looking to get even with the agents. From the small town of Llano, Texas to the wilds of Canada, UNCLE attempts to put an end to a fungus which once more is designed to make people mindless slaves.
Thanks to yelizaveta52 for helping me clean this up.
Chapter 3

Early the next morning after, Napoleon arranged a fast release for
his partner and the agents were on their way back to Llano against the MD advice.

"Are you sure you're up to this Illya? The doc was a little worried about your burns. And remember they didn't try killing us they were trying to capture us.”

"I am fine."

"As always partner. You realized they're not going to play nice if they capture us. We could be in for unfriendly treatment and you're not exactly at your best." Concerned that although released, the doctor had cautioned against infection

"I am fine Napoleon and can hold up under any persuasion they have in mind." The conviction in his voiced dared his partner to argue with him.

"Okay but you rest and I'll watch the compound today." Offering a compromise.

"I am very capable of taking my turn watching the compound." Came a frosty reply.

Napoleon knew it was useless to argue with his partner so agreed that he would take first watch then Illya could take the second.


The morning was a total wasted time as far as Napoleon was concerned. Oreato hadn't been seen at all and nothing had changed since the day before when they had watched the site.
Arriving at the safe house Napoleon was met by an angry Russianillya5

"You were supposed to be back in three hours ago. I will not have you protecting me."

Trying to defuse the situation, "Nothing was happening so I saw no problem with staying a little longer."

Grabbing the keys out of Napoleon's hand he twisted causing a twitch of pain he was unable to hide.

Although seeing it, Napoleon knew his concern wouldn’t be welcome or appreciated.

"I will be back at the appointed time," Illya call back over shoulder as he entered the car. The last Napoleon saw of his partner was the dust kicked up as the car peeled out of the parking lot.


Illya was sitting in the bushes surrounding the compound when Oreato came into the camp. Unable to hear the Thrush scientist he moved closer to the fence.

More interested in what the man was saying Illya missed the hole that was in front of him, he fell into the opening that was hidden in the dirt.

Unable to stop himself from plunging into the gap he landed on his back causing him to give a small moan. Although barely audible, he was quickly surrounded by the guards.

Illya was pulled to his feet and faced Inocencio Oreato who had escaped when they had closed down his lab in the Babyhead fungus affair.

“Well, well look what we caught. Mr. Kuryakin, I knew if we let it be known we were back in the area, that hick Sheriff would run to UNCLE for help.”

“What do you want Oreato?” Illya asked glaring at the Thrush scientist. He remembered how close Napoleon came to losing his life because of the man and his drugs.

Oreato grinned at him. “Why Mr. Kuryakin, I want you and your partners. I don’t suppose you would like to tell me where to find Mr. Solo and Miss Kuryakin and what your orders are?”

“I do not know what you’re talking about. I am here at the sheriff’s invitation for deer hunting.”

“Really, you don’t expect me to believe that do you. Bring him along, so we can talk in a more appropriate setting.” Oreato said turning toward the jeep.

Illya had let himself relax in the grip of the two men holding his arms. Slowly he felt them loosening their hold on him. As the scientist turned, he pulled his arms inward causing the guards holding him to come forward hitting each other.

Yanking his arms out of their hold, he turned to run when he heard the sound of a gun firing twice. A pressure hit him knocking him down. Looking at his leg, the Russian saw blood flowing freely.

“Get him into the car and wrap his leg.” Oreato shook his head looking at the down man.

“Mr. Kuryakin, you’ll find you don’t need your legs for what I plan for you. The next time you try something like that, it will be one of your knees. Bring him along and make it so he causes no more trouble while we’re going to headquarters.

Looking up, the UNCLE agent saw the injection as it entered his arm. Within moments he was out and didn’t feel them picking him up and placing him in the car.


Napoleon had finished his preparations and was roaming the room waiting for Illya to return. Although angry when he left Napoleon knew he would return when you suppose to.

Two hours later Napoleon decided to go look for him. When he arrived at the compound he saw that they were packing up trucks full of equipment.

Moving close enough to hear what was being said he heard that they were heading to Ontario, Canada. Catching a guard that was away from the rest, he placed a knife across his throat.

“One sound in your dead. Where is Kuryakin?”

“The Russian? Oreato has him.”

“I asked where he is?”

“They took him when they headed out in a plane about an hour ago.”

“I'm not in the mood for 20 questions. Headed out where?”

“Rainy River, Ontario.”

“And what is in Rainy River?” Napoleon pressed the knife harder into the man’s neck.

“That’s where are actual lab is located. He needed Kuryakin to help solve a chemical problem. Look Solo, that’s all I know.” The man pleaded.

Scratching the guard with the sleep dart Napoleon quickly changed into his uniform.
Pulling the beret low over his over his forehead, he joined the other guards loading the truck. As soon as the truck was loaded they all took a seat inside preparing to leave with the equipment.
Sitting in the far corner Napoleon kept his head down pretending to sleep as the trucks headed towards the Canada border.


As Illya came around he could feel motion of the plane. Keeping his eyes closed he listened to that sounds around him. Trying to move his arms and legs he found he was tied to his seat.

“I see you’re finally awake Mr. Kuryakin. Why don't you open your eyes and join us?” Oreato voice floated into his awakening mind.

Looking around Illya saw they were on small business jet and he was bound to one of the executive chairs.

“Sorry about the ropes but the pilot refused to take off unless you were secure. Seems he's had experiences with you in the past.”

“Where are we and where are we going?” Illya asked

“To my headquarters, of course. Surely you realize that the Texas site was only a trap to catch you although it would be nice if I could have captured Mr. Solo also. However, I'm sure he'll be along shortly to rescue you.”

“What is it you want from me Oreatoto?”

“I’ve made great strides in my formula. It now takes months before the person dies. But the pain which increases as they get sicker interfered with their conditioning. You are going help me extend the life of my subjects and overcome the pain problem.”

“I didn't help you before what makes you think I will help you now?”

“Oh I believe once Mr. Solo gets here, I'm sure you can be persuaded? After all you saw what it did to him the first time, now imagine those effects plus unrelieved pain. Besides before too long I hope your sister will be
joining us. How long do you think you’ll hold out watching them die?”

“That didn't work before. Why do you think it would work now? Besides UNCLE has an antidote to the formula.”

“True but have you taken antidote Mr. Kuryakin? You see I intend to inject the formula into you and your partners.”

“Sorry to disappoint you, but neither Napoleon nor Josephina are here. And I refuse to help you.”

“You'll find that instead of the week that it took before for someone to die, it now takes at least a few months or longer. We have created a new formula that will keep you alive longer than that but increases the pain dramatically. How long do you think you'll be able to handle the pain before you do as we ask?”

Illya turned his head ignoring the man and question. Suddenly pressure to his wounded leg shot pain through his body causing him to cry out.

Oreato watched as Illya brought his breathing back under control.

“That pain is nothing to what you’ll feel once you received the injection. And do not worry soon Mr. Solo and your sister will be joining us. You will all pay for your interference the last time we met.”

Then Oreato smiled and became a considerate host.

“Are you hungry? If you promise not to do anything stupid, I’ll have you untied so that you can eat some lunch?”

Knowing there was nothing he could do at this point Illya agreed, biding time, until the opportunity presented itself to make his escape.


While Napoleon stayed huddled up in the corner, the men in the truck were playing cards, shooting craps, and some were even reading.

“Hey aren’t you going to join us?” one of the men called out to Napoleon.

Mumbling he answered, “Just too tired. I was on two shifts before we loaded the trucks. Just going to sleep and catch up” He pulled his jacket over his body turning more directly toward the back hoping to keep his identify undiscovered.

Instead of stopping for something to eat a cooler of food was brought out and sandwiches, beer and chips were handed to each man. Napoleon felt someone tapping him on the shoulder and caught himself just in time before pulling out his gun.

“Here’s some food. You know I don’t recognize you,” the man handling him the food said.

“Just transferred in a few days ago, and they already have me transferring again,” Napoleon mumbled once more.

Shrugging his shoulder the man said, “We never know what’s going to happen next. Enjoy your sandwich. We still have a long way to go but there’s a lot of sandwiches for the trip, help yourself.”

Taking a bite, Napoleon thoughts went out to his partner. He hoped Illya at least was being fed.

After eating many men stood at the back of the truck peeing out it, laughing as they were moving along. Soon most of the men were sleeping and Napoleon carefully pulled out his communicator.

“Open channel D please.”

“Your report Mr. Solo.” It never surprised Napoleon that Waverly always answered when he reported in and he wondered if his boss ever really slept.  Quickly and quietly as possible he updated the man.

“We will keep radio silence on this end Mr. Solo until you report in. Find Oreato and put an end to this foolishness. Also would be nice if you could manage to rescue Mr. Kuryakin and bring him back with you.”

Signing off, Napoleon closed his eyes hoping that his partner was alright and that he would get there before it was too late for Illya.

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