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Wilds of Canada Affair Chapter 5 of 7

Inocencio Oreato from the Babyhead Fungus Affair returns looking to get even with the agents.  From the small town of Llano, Texas to the wilds of Canada, UNCLE attempts to put an end to a fungus which once more is designed to make people mindless slaves. 
Thanks to yelizaveta52 for helping me clean this up.

Chapter 5

After the trucks stopped, Napoleon pulled down his hat and joined the men emptying the equipment. He attempted to block his face as much as possible with the boxes he carried in while listening for any information about his partner.

Once the trucks were empty, the men were assigned to quarters and told to get some food before retiring for the night. Unable to believe his luck so far, Napoleon took a bunk in the corner and pulled the covers over his head hoping he would be able to find Illya after lights out.

A couple of men entered the room, laughing.

"What the heck is so funny that you're waking us up?" One of the sleeping men yelled out along with some Spanish profanity.

"Sorry guys. We were on guard duty for Kuryakin. Oreato really angry about the black eye the Russian gave him and is making him suffer."

"I thought that guy is supposed to be some super spy or something. Are they torturing him?" The sleeper asked.

"Nay, they gave him a dose of that new drug the doc dreamed up. I can't believe one little shot can cause that much pain. Anyways before the doc gave him the stuff to stop the pain for awhile, he was teaching him a lesson. Though I have to say that Russian is pretty pissed right now. Oreato better made sure guards go into the cell with him. Pain or not, I think that UNCLE agent would kill him if he can. He did get a good shot in when he teased the doc about his black eye. Oreato was so mad he kicked him in the stomach causing the Russian to pass out."

Napoleon bit his lip to prevent himself from saying anything. He knew he had to get his partner out as fast as possible before Illya antagonize his capturer too much and then they needed to destroy the lab. It was just a question of how to do it without getting caught himself.


After discussing it, Jo and Jimmy decided to split up and examine opposite sides of the Thrush compound. Jimmy took the closer side; Jo took the far side.

After she entered an area posted no trespassing, a car with two men started chasing her. Shots hit her windshield cracking her glass into spider webbing. Her engine was also hit, causing it to throw out stream although she continued to pull ahead.

She managed to pull out her communicator and get a fast message off to Jimmy before flooring the car again and heading away from the men shooting at her. A lucky shot, sent her car spinning out of control and turning it over to land on it's hood. No movement could be seen inside the car.


By the time Jimmy arrived at the car there was no sign of Jo or Thrush. Looking around he saw a jeep heading into the complex and Jo lying on the shoulder of one of the guards.

"Just great," Jimmy complained. "My first assignment where I'm in charge and I lose my partner to Thrush. Then I've no idea how to get into the complex without getting caught."

Taking a deep breath he opened his communicator.
"Open Channel D." He said with a sigh.

"Report Mr. McLaughlin," Came Waverly's voice.

"We found the site sir and managed to establish that it is a Thrush strong hold."

"Good, what are your and Miss Kuryakin's plans?"

"Well sir, there is a small problem."

"And that is?" Waverly asked obvious unhappy with the development.

Choking down his anxiety he said, "Thrush managed to capture Miss Kuryakin."

Met by the silence on the other end of the communicator, Jimmy waited anxiously.

"Then Mr. McLaughlin I suggest you get on with your assignment, and if you happen to come across your partner get her out. Oh Mr. Solo is in the area, I'll have him contact you when he checks in next." With that the communicator went silent.

"Great, get Jo out and destroy the place. There's no cover and I'm supposed to get in how?" Jimmy shook his head as he headed back toward the car and hotel to decide what his next move should be.


Napoleon was heading out of his room, when a returning patrol entered dragging an unconscious Jo Kuryakin between them.

"What's up?" he asked the men.

"We caught her on the road behind the compound."

"Who is she?" He asked wondering if they were aware of whom they had.

"Hell who knows but she had an UNCLE gun and was snooping around. I'll say she can really drive through, almost lost us a couple of times. Well Oreato is waiting for her. He has a few questions for her when she wakes up."

Napoleon watched as they took her away but at the moment couldn't do a thing about it. He ducked into an empty room to notify Waverly of this development and was informed of McLaughlin's location. After speaking to Waverly, Napoleon called the new agent.

Illya could feel the pain returning. Oreato had been by to see if he was going to cooperate but since his refusal, hadn't been back to see him. He knew that the Thrush doctor would allow the pain to return and once it was it had a deep hold on him, the medication to decrease the pain would be administered. This alternating of pain and relief would be used to break him down. He just hoped he would be able to resist it until his partner came to his rescue.

The beeping of the communicator brought Jimmy back to his surroundings. He had been spending the last few hours trying to plan a way of entering the building and getting Jo out.

"McLaughlin here."

"Hi Jimmy, it's Napoleon. I understand you're in the area. What's your situation?"

"Mr. S, I'm glad to hear from you. Jo's been taken, and I see no way to enter the site without being caught." Jimmy was happy to hear from his CEA.

"I think I have a way in. There's a truck due here in three or four hours to deliver some supplies. If you can find a way onto that truck, we'll be able to join up, get our respective partners out, and blow the lab." Napoleon offered.

"I'll be on that truck, sir," the young agent said.

"See you in a few hours then." Napoleon said signing off.

Jo opened her eyes to darkness, a headache causing nausea. Her hands were tied behind the chair she was sitting in and her mouth felt like cotton. Every muscle hurt but a quick mental check didn't show obvious broken bones or injures from the car crash.

"I don't suppose you wish to tell me who else is with you?" Oreato voice broke into the darkness.

"I cannot believe it's you. You are supposed to be in Texas." Jo answered.

"Oh you're so wrong. Are you planning on answering my questions?" He asked again already knowing the answer.

A smile and shake of her head was her only answer.

She felt her sleeve being pulled up and Oreato saying, "This drug will make you more compliant and the pain it causes will remind you of the damage you caused me in Llano last time me met."

The stick of a needle had her returning to darkness.

"Chain her in the cell with Kuryakin, and let them suffer together. Post extra guards around the perimeter with the two of them here, their partners will be looking for a way in.

The warning, however, came too late. Jimmy had been able to attach himself to the undercarriage of the truck and enter the compound before the extra guards were posted. After meeting up with Napoleon the two of them began making plans to rescue the missing agents and destroy the site.


"Come on Josephina wake up!" Illya slapped her face gently.

After they had dumped her on the floor of his cell and attached an ankle chain to her, it had taken him a few minutes to reach her as the pain ripped though his body. The drug was in full control of his emotions and he was clamping down on them tightly.

A startled cry of pain came from Jo as she tried to open her eyes.

"Breath through it, sestrenka (little sister)," he said once more gently slapping her face trying to bring her to full consciousness.

"Must you also hit me," she complained between surges of pain. "What is it in that drug?"

"It is the next step of the one we stopped in Llano. They managed to extend the life of the person receiving it, but the pain it causes prevents the victim from doing anything. They have a drug to take the pain away for a while but Oreato is trying to use it to force me to comply with his demand I help them."

The cell door opened and the doctor and lab tech came in with rifled guards. Illya's arm was pulled up and a needle pierced his skin.

"What's this?" Illya demanded.

"We no longer need to keep you in pain, besides you aren't any use to us if you are. Your sister will not be given this drug and you can let me know when you have watched her suffer enough." The Thrush doctor turned and walked to the door calling over his shoulder. "You'll find I'm not very forgiving to people who have caused me problem in the past. Just yell out when you change your mind."

The slamming of the door left the cell quiet, except for a moan from the woman lying on the damp ground. The pain he was feeling resolved quickly.


"I am okay," she moaned closing her eyes to deal with the pain in her own way.

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