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Wilds of Canada Affair Chapter 7-Conclusion

Inocencio Oreato from the Babyhead Fungus Affair returns looking to get even with the agents.  From the small town of Llano, Texas to the wilds of Canada, UNCLE attempts to put an end to a fungus which once more is designed to make people mindless slaves. 
Thanks to yelizaveta52 for helping me clean this up.

“Well Kuryakin did you decide to cooperate or shall I give your sister another dose of my virus?” 

Oreato said as he entered the cell to see Illya holding a covered Jo.  Once the Thrush scientist, lab tech, and two guards were in the cell, Napoleon stepped from behind the door pulling his gun. He shot the guards with sleeping darts, while Illya shot the lab tech.  Oreato jerked around to find he was by himself.

“What the hell?” He screamed at the guard who walked into the light revealing it was Solo.  “How did you get in here?”

Napoleon smiled, “Came in with your equipment.  Now carefully pull out the drugs.”  He said holding a gun on the man.

Both turned toward Illya as the sound of him replaced his sleep darts with live rounds echoed in the cell.  

“You can’t let him kill me,” Oreato pleaded with Napoleon.  “You’re UNCLE.”

“He’s also KGB,” Napoleon shrugged his shoulders and leaned against the door. He knew his partner was angry and wanted to kill the man, but didn’t believe he would do it.  His ingrown sense of decency would prevent him from murdering him—he hoped.

Illya stood dumping the unconscious guard’s head he had been pretending to was Jo on the ground.  His gun aimed at the frightened man’s heart.

“You can’t do this; it’s not UNCLE’s way.” Oreato fell to his knees begging Napoleon. 

“Hand my partner the drugs now!” Illya ordered.  Oreato quickly took the vials out of his pocket and handed them over to Napoleon.

“Turn around facing me!  Unlike Thrush, I do not shoot anyone in the back.” Illya demanded. 

“Solo, stop him.” The Thrush scientist appealed to the American as he turned toward the Russian.

A shot was heard and Oreato dropped.  Napoleon took a deep breath.  He knew he would defend his partner’s decision but was shocked Illya would go so far.

“We need to leave quickly,” Napoleon managed to say without any indication of how he was feeling at the moment.

Seeing the look on Napoleon’s face, Illya said. “He is not dead Napoleon.  I had one sleep dart left.  I am sure he will be very surprised that he is alive when he wakes up.”

“I suggest we get out of here quickly and take him with us,” Napoleon said without missing a beat.
He picked up Oreato and slung him over his shoulder saying.  “I knew you wouldn’t kill him.”

Illya rolled his eyes as another wave of pain hit him.  “That is why you looked so shocked.  We need to go before I can’t walk.”  And led the way.


Jimmy was surprised that Mr. S suggestion worked and soon had a jeep with an unconscious Jo on the floor in the back. The few men he ran into believed his story about dumping a dead body. 

While waiting, he pulled it up to the exit and kept it running.  He could hear Jo starting to moan and hoped the other agents would get back before he needed to deal with her.

A sudden explosion on the other side of the camp lit up the sky with reds and yellows before a fire began to take control of the building.  The noise sent men running toward the blast.  Within seconds Napoleon with Oreato in a fireman carry and supporting Illya headed toward the car.

Seeing Illya was having a hard time moving by himself, Jimmy ran to give Napoleon a hand.  “Lean on me, Mr. K.”

Illya didn’t have the strength to disagree and allowed the younger agent to help him into the jeep.
As soon as they were all in, Jimmy took the wheel and headed toward the city.  The explosions behind him causing the jeep to buck and sway on the road increasing the pain suffered by the Russians in the back seatOreato continued to be out.

“Sorry!” he called out as a crack opened up on the road under them and he managed to get the car across just as a large pothole formed.

“I see Illya’s been teaching you to drive,” Napoleon said as he was holding on to the door handles. 
“I’m having a hard time with the road and those explosions.”  Jimmy defended his driving.

“Just kidding kid, you’re doing well just get us to the pick-up point so we can get the antidote into those two.”  Napoleon reassured the younger man.

Suddenly they could hear wheels screeching then turning saw smoking tires behind them.  Gaining on the UNCLE jeep, the sounds of engines actually drown out the sound of the explosions.  Napoleon grabbed his gun and began shooting at the following car when it unexpectly disappeared into the pothole that had opened behind them.

No one else was following them and Napoleon said, “You can slow down.  You’re doing great.  The helicopter is supposed to meet us in Rainy River to take us to the UNCLE jet in Baudette International Airport.  Waverly doesn’t want to waste anytime getting the drug and antidote.  I’m sure our partners would also like to get the drug once our medical section checks it out.  Besides I think he is anxious to get Mr. Oreato talking.  Let’s go.”


Napoleon and Jimmy entered medical to see how their partners were doing.  Walking into the room they were sharing, per their request and no doctor was ready to disagree with them, the men saw Illya and Jo sitting up, back against the headboard and arms folded across their chest. 

“I do not think you need more blood.  You have taken enough for the two of us to start your own blood bank.”  Illya angry told the doctor.

Jo said nothing but wasn’t cooperating either.

“Mr. Solo I’m so glad you’re here. Would you please order your people to allow us to do this test? If their blood is clear they can be discharged.”

“Right, you have said that the last ten times you took our blood.”  Jo accused.

“As I explained to you,” the doctor started.  “It was going slowly, but your last tests were almost clear.  I believe this will be the last time.”

The glare from both the Kuryakin’s had him stepping back.

“Just like you told us we could have regular diet. Yet, bland food and green jello shows up on every tray.”  Illya complained.

“Look everyone, let’s get this over with.  Illya, Jo let him take your blood.  Doc they’re on a general diet right, meaning they can eat anything?”  Napoleon spoke up cutting off the stand-off in his best CEA voice.

“Yes they can, but we’re trying to serve healthy food here,” the doc said.

Although visibly unhappy the patients offered up their arm.  When the blood was drawn, the doctor left quickly with a promise to let them know in a few hours if they were free of the drugs.

Once he left, Napoleon stepped back outside and brought in a box that smelled wonderful.  The aroma of beef, ribs, French fries, and other mixed smells overwhelmed the recovering agents.

“Samuel sent this up to thanks us for getting rid of Thrush.  I had the kitchen warm it up for us.” Napoleon explained as he pulled out dish after dish of food.

With a word, everyone began to dig in.  Napoleon sat back watching Illya and Jo shoveling the food in and said.

“This, my dear Mr. McLaughlin, is how to sooth a savage Kuryakin.  Feed them and they will follow you anywhere.”
“If I was not so happy to see this food, I would make you regret that statement Napoleon,” Illya said as he took a big bite of his food.

“And I would help him,” Jo added as she removed some fries.

Napoleon and Jimmy left promising to be back to escort them home if they were discharged.  As the door closed, the happy well feed voices of their partners followed them into the hall. 

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