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Attention all writers!

MFU 50: Announcing the Mini Bang Affair

We've been planning a special story event for the MFU 50th Anniversary, something to showcase the talents of the fandom's wonderful writers and artists together, and give all of us a collection of fantastic new stories to enjoy. And here it is! We're pleased to announce the opening of the

MFU 50 Mini Bang

The Mini Bang is different from the challenges we've been used to, it's special because it's a collaborative effort between writers and artists. Writers sign up to write a story with a minimum word count of 5,000 words--there is no maximum :) Later in the process, artists claim a story based on an anonymous story summary and produce at least one piece of art to go with it. The art can be an illustration, a graphic, a manip, a vid, or... --we're open to any fanwork that will enhance the story.

The stories can be any genre, any rating. Artists will be able to choose their preferred genre as well.

You can get more details and instructions on how to sign up here.

So dust off that wip you've been meaning to finish, start on that story you've been wanting to tell, fire up the Photoshop--come join us at the MFU 50 Mini Bang!
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