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Thank you all!

-crossposted to network_command and mfu_canteen-

Hi all,

I just wanted to say thank you for all the support you gave me, there's no way I could possibly reply individually to all the great comments and messages I received since last night. Friendship is a wonderful thing! :-)

The other reason for this post is that in the meantime I have been in contact with some people who sent me messages. We talked to each other like adults should, exchanged our points of view, accepted that there had been misunderstandings on both sides, sorted things out, shook hands virtually and made our peace. That makes me very happy because I want to spend my precious time on the anniversary, not on kerfuffles.

So, please, let's all work together now so we can present two outstanding round robins on the 22nd September. Please sign up for whichever suits you best. franciskerst wants to post her first writers' list for the gen robin but the slash one could also use some more participants!

Thank you again! Oh, and thanks also for supporting my giving-up-smoking-project. I'm down to 5 cigarettes a day, yay!

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