Shelly (cosmosmariner) wrote in mfu_canteen,

Why I Still Love MFU

[*waves* hey kids. I thought I'd drop by and celebrate with all of you, even though I've been taking a break for a while.]

I'm younger than a lot of the Cousins, and that always made me feel like I was in a strange place. I'm not as young as, say, Meany, Shove, or Spots, but I am younger than our genteel hosts and many of the other lovelies who call the Canteen home.

My first memory of MFU is, surprisingly, not of the show, but of the logo.

I remember seeing the now-familiar Man and Globe logo as a child, and thought it looked super cool.

When I was a bit older, I was able to catch a few episodes in syndication during the summer. It was only a few, and for one year only, but those few episodes stayed with me for a long time, until I was in my early twenties and at a punk/hipster shop, looking through their pin bin and finding the UNCLE logo on a pin, which made me think about that cool old show I watched that one summer.

I am an Illya girl - I'm a sucker for blond hair and a cool demeanor and the idea of Russians being badass. And how can you not love David McCallum?

Anyway, what I love most about MFU is the warm welcome that I have received from so many of you - real, true friendships that I have created and a small family that I have found, and all because we like a spy show that was on tv so long ago.

So, God bless the memory of Norman, bless Mr. Vaughn and Mr. McCallum, and bless all you lovely people here, from my heart to yours.
Tags: why we still love the man from uncle day

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