jkkitty (jkkitty) wrote in mfu_canteen,

MFU_100 Celebration for the 50th.

Just an update on the MFU-100 challenge for the 50th. The 50 prompts table has been created. The celebration will start the week of August 25th and ending the week of September 22nd. Each of the 5 weeks will have theme and the writer can choose from 50 prompts to write a drabble.

The complete information about this celebration can be found at http://mfu-100.livejournal.com/56984.html

A few people have asked me for a sample of drabbles so below are examples. They can be any genre and include a picture if you likes. These are just a few from MFU-100--Section 7 also has a lot of examples.

By Alynwa (general) http://mfu-100.livejournal.com/53545.html (car)
By Spikesgirl (slash) http://mfu-100.livejournal.com/51773.html (stuff toy)
By svetlanacat4 (pre slash) http://mfu-100.livejournal.com/56610.html (pencil)
By Jkkitty (general) http://mfu-100.livejournal.com/38337.html (looking at their past)

Hope you join us.
Tags: jkkitty, mfu_100, mfu_50

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