vmccooley (vmccooley) wrote in mfu_canteen,

Don't Skimp On The Chlorine

A drabble based on that scene from Super-Colossal. G-rated slash.

Illya flopped down on his bed the second he and Napoleon returned to their hotel room.

"Uh, Illya, would you mind changing?"

"Later. I'm tired." He stretched his arms up behind his head.

"Illya, I really need you to change now."

"Napoleon, I don't want...is there something wrong?"

"No no, not at all."

"Then why are you looking at me like..." Understanding lit Illya's eyes. "...well, if you insist." He began pulling his shirt over his head.

"Illya, stop!"

"But Napoleon, you said that I really needed to change now."

"Yes, well, I...just remembered something I left in the van." Napoleon didn't actually run from the room but he didn't exactly walk either.

Illya pulled his shirt back down and smiled. He started thinking that perhaps it was time to add a few new items to his wardrobe.

Tags: fan fiction, slash

  • So, what do you notice first

    in this shot? I am struck by how weird Illya's arms look, almost fragile.

  • What's on your night stand?

    What book do you think didn't live up to its hype? What book do you feel has been neglected? What are you reading right now?

  • Just wondering

    If you could talk to any author one-on-one about a book, who would it be?

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