vmccooley (vmccooley) wrote in mfu_canteen,

Clothes Make The Man

Sequel to Don't Skimp On The Chlorine. G-rated slash.


Napoleon knew he was being toyed with but he wasn't yet sure why. Ever since the "pool boy" incident, Illya had taken to wearing tight white t-shirts or flowing white shirts unbuttoned down half his chest. Napoleon was just short of going insane and he wanted answers.

Illya opened his apartment door wearing a sleeveless undershirt and Napoleon was tempted to punch him in the nose. "Alright, Illya, I've had enough."

"Enough what, Napoleon?" Illya was the embodiment of wide-eyed innocence.

That did it. Napoleon pushed Illya up against the door and practically snarled in his face. "Put up or shut up!"

"Shut up," said Illya, just before pulling Napoleon down for a kiss.
Tags: fan fiction, slash

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