mrua7 (mrua7) wrote in mfu_canteen,

After lunch activites...

There will be a rousing (glitterball-less) volley ball match at the far side of the gym.  For those of you who are even more limber we have the following activites planned:

1. Twister (with a nice layer of astroturf to cushion) Spike will be the caller...

Giant Games Twister

2. There is Karaoke going on in the Security office. (Sorry Mr. Solo you've been banned.) Mr. Kuryakin and his lab assistant Gustav were able to rewire the THRUSH ultimate computer into a very serviceable Karaoke machine.


3. Napoleon says he has something more intimate planned for later, but refuses to talk. Can anyone get hold of some truth serum?

More activities to follow.
Tags: after lunch fun, canteen party

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