mrua7 (mrua7) wrote in mfu_canteen,


My power cable to my laptop was just shorted out. It popped out of the laptop and fell into my cup on ice tea, sitting on the floor by my feet.  I don't have a full charge on the laptop and will have to sign off now.   So my partying is done for the night.

It's off to the Apple store tomorrow to buy another adapter.  Dang!

Carry on partying! And remember the reason for it...UNITED WE STAND!  Thanks to Spikesgirl and the Canteen for a great party!

My last video before shutting down for the night. I think Spikesgirl may have posted this already, but it just fit my mood.  Trying not to get too upset about the cable...

Tags: canteen party, mrua7

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