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Spike update

This woman is made of steel and GUTS.

She is about 23 hours post-op....and she's been out of bed WALKING twice.  First she said it hurt like a mother. Second time was less excruciating.  She knows her physical therapist from the theater, and it's always nice to feel comfortable in a place where you are surrounded by strangers,

Foley catheter came FIVE FREAKING AM!!!!!!! Now, that's just rude... they couldn't have waited until 7am for morning assessments?

NO neurological deficits leg weakness or numbness or heaviness.  No fever.  She is on IV antibiotics, but that's standard after any open bone surgery.

She went from a clear liquid breakfast this morning to beef stroganoff for dinner.  No nausea.

Of course, she's still on IV pain meds, the patient-controlled thingy (you hit the button, and you get a dose sent through your IV, but it's programmed that you can only get so much so often).  Her hospital uses a model of pain pump none of us at work had heard of before; it has a nasal cannula (little plastic tubes that sit in the front of your nostrils). It doesn't supply oxygen, it monitors respiration rate during sleep...if you go below a certain number of breaths per minute, it alarms.  She hates it.  All the guys at work and I agree it's marvelous.

23 hours post-op...and she sounds GOOD.  She sends hugs to everyone.

And I think my heart is going to explode from happiness.
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