vmccooley (vmccooley) wrote in mfu_canteen,

Don't Go Away

A little gen story based on The Deadly Quest Affair.


"Go away! Get away!"

Illya had kept on shouting long after he had realized how useless it was. Napoleon wouldn't have let him die any more
than he would have let Napoleon die.

Napoleon's eyes fluttered open. "I thought you'd still be with Sheila."

"An amusement gallery is not exactly my favorite form of entertainment. I thought I would check on you before going home."

"Except for this itchy cast, I'm fine."

"In that case, I will let you get back to sleep --"

"Illya, wait..." Napoleon seemed uncharacteristically vulnerable. "Please don't go away."

"I won't, Napoleon." Just like you wouldn't, my friend.
Tags: fan fiction, gen

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