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Man from Uncle chibi keyrings

A while ago I said I was thinking of getting my little chibis done into keyrings for the 50th anniversary and a few people said they would like some. It took a little longer than I expected but they have arrived at last.  I am going to do a test run with Elmey and Eilidhsd as my guinea pigs as soon as the little backing cards come in, but if you would like one have a look at the details below the cut and get in touch.

backing for card order 0951169439

Okay so the spec is
Keychain (single sided)
Size:           45x25mm, thickness 2mm
Material:      Iron
Coloring:     Soft enamel with Epoxy (6 colors)
Plating:       Brass
Backing:      Texture
Attachment:  Chain and keyring

Each keyring is coming packed with a special 50th anniversary minicard. There are 10 versions so its pot luck which one you get :P

I am going to do it through paypal and the payment details and breakdown are at the bottom of the post

Please note that the backing cards are tiny little things and not the size of the illustrations above (but they are pretty cute)

I got these figures from

and Post and packaging from

each keyring weighs 16grams and each package is a approx 25grams, with card and packaging.

If you check the amounts you need to pay and see if I have calculated something as too expensive please let me know.
For checking for uk allow for large letter and for US and overseas allow for small packages. I didn't do the tracking option because its expensive but if you want that let me know.

If anyone has any advice on how to do this better and cheaper please let me know as I don't want someone not to be able to afford one for the sake of a few pence.

The basic cost of the keyring is £3.20 (if anyone wants a breakdown on that let me know). I am using for the exchange rate


I think I got all the calculations and conversions right, but if I didn't let me know and if when I go to the post office some postage is lighter I will refund any extras.

Lastly, I know money is tight for a lot of people and I would like as many of you to have a keyring as possible, so if you honestly cannot afford to pay for one, let me know, I have been there myself in the past, and I will sort something out for you.

If you are happy with all this all you need to do is send me an email to with the amount you want to order. I will work out the price based on the above conditions and let you know how much it comes to.

Once you are happy I will send a request through paypal directly to your email and will ship the items.

If you have any questions or are unsure of anything please let me know.

Don't give me any details on livejournal for security reasons. If I haven't gotten back to you within 24hours on your email, slap me around a bit here!

Shipping dates for the keyring will be around the 19th, I am waiting for the card inserts to come back from and their estimated date is the 17th.

Thanks Spike for letting me post here :)

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