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Pocket Project: Day 2

For those who missed yesterday's initial post, you can find it HERE
If you'd like to participate you can place your YES vote HERE

I'm going to assign a date for having your pocket submitted to me: November 8.
Ideally our Pocket Quilt should be finished and ready to mail for Christmas delivery, which means I will probably need at least a month to get it assembled and ready for svetlanacat4 to have under her tree.  If you'd like to include a Christmas greeting along with your pocket, please do so. I think that would make a terrific addition to this heartfelt offering.

If you're still unsure about the how of this project, feel free to pm either me, glennagirl or spikesgirl58 for suggestions or answers to your questions.  Don't over think this one, just find a shirt or blouse that is headed for that great closet in the sky and cut out the pocket, leaving the backing fabric intact if possible.  Even an old pocket tee shirt works, as long as you can imagine the outcome.

We'll try to have some examples up, and I think spikesgirl58 is planning on a step by step tutorial... ahemmm... right Spike ;)  We're sending our hearts to cousins svetlanacat4 and I know in LJ's MFU Communities that actually means something.

Now, for those who are familiar with the man and the phrase, as Tim Gunn would say it: Make it work!

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