threecee (threecee) wrote in mfu_canteen,

Totally off topic

Could anyone out there use several yards of fine wool in the MacDonald Dress plaid?

My favorite great-aunt bought it when she was in Scotland back in the late 1960's and thought I could have an evening skirt and scarf made out of it. I can't sew, my mother couldn't sew, my aunts and cousins couldn't sew, and I never found anyone who could take the project on. This isn't an area with a lot of tailors and I've never had good luck with the ladies who do alterations from home when they have the time. Since my current definition of "evening wear" is a nightgown and robe, I think I should just pass this on to someone who can use it.

The cloth is free. Shipping in the US looks like it would be about $5.00 and I'm open to accepting a story or artwork or something in exchange instead of money. Overseas shipping I would probably have to charge for.
Tags: freebies, rl

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