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St. Crispin's

Thank You For the Stories Weekend X

As I do unilaterally every year [yes, the week of my own birthday ---deal] I am declaring the Tenth annual "Thank You For the Stories" Weekend.

Our fandom has survived 50 years now and there's a new movie on the horizon.

And what has sustained us all these years? What is the life blood of this --or any--fandom?

The fanfic. The stories. Always, the stories.

If that movie is successful, the folks at the WB should probably send residual checks to all the fan writers who kept the damn property alive for half a century. Because, without the fan writers and the fanfic, MFU conceivably would have been long dead and forgotten. But it's not, as the folks at Time/Life discovered with their best selling and award-winning DVD set.

The story of Solo and Kuryakin and the mythical organization they work for continues to be retold again and again. Every day.

So we need to keep the writers writing---and keep in mind, there are new ones on the way! --- and the best way is to send feedback. Good, thoughtful feedback. It doesn't have to be entirely positive. In fact, writers love to have discussions.

So, this weekend, pick out three of your favorite writers, a few new ones, perhaps, as well as those who you've probably been reading for years. Both could use a little support now and then. Send them a private note telling them you’re out there. Just that. Even if you’ve never, ever done it before. Even if you write yourself. (And YES, if you’re reading this, I mean YOU).

Consider it "Thank You For the Stories Weekend." It should take you all of fifteen minutes to send three emails. If you have more time, write to five writers instead of three. It doesn’t have to be a long note. Don’t know what to say? Simply say hi. You might comment on a specific story but in general, just thank them for the hard, uncompensated work they’re doing, the pleasure they’ve shared, the fact that they’ve kept Napoleon Solo and Illya Kuryakin and the dream that is U.N.C.L.E. alive and well.

So I’d like to take the opportunity right now to say, personally, thanks to all the wonderful cousins who keep all our communities going and make it possible for all writers, both new and old, to share their work. The recent 50th anniversary celebrations have been wonderful, along with the writing/reading communities! Considering how old we are, the fact that we have new communities and new writers appearing all the time is a miracle. For what else is writing and reading but a kind of dialogue and so many stories begin with a conversation.?

And finally, thanks to all my fellow writers and also anyone who has produced a web page, drabble, poem, story, puzzle, contest, rec, review, challenge, vid, icon, illo, graphic for MFU over the past year. Your contributions guarantee that the MFU community will continue to exist.

So, thanks everyone! Here's to us!

Psst: Pass it on.

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