open_channel_d (open_channel_d) wrote in mfu_canteen,

Saint Basil's Cathedral

Last Saturday I was in Saint Basil's Cathedral (the Cathedral of Vasily the Blessed). There is very dim light inside so I couldn't take photos. Furthermore, the day was gray and cloudy.

I didn't know that inside the cathedral there's the men's choir singing a cappella. They are called "Doros". I can't find words to describe that deep and strong impression I got. I wouldn't say that I love choirs. But this choir sings just grandly! I stood looking up and listened to a religious song. It sounded like a prayer. At some moment I seemed to be flying upward.

It was this song:

And here is an excellent video about the cathedral:

There are many mysterious half-light nooks, corners and niches there. All the stairs are very steep. I think at nights it's possible to hear susurration of a monk's cassock somewhere behind you, echo of distant voices from the sixteenth century, and Ivan the Terrible's heavy footsteps.
And I'm sure he was looking out of this window too…

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