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A Message From Section 10.

In my recent research article [due out next year] I did some archival research of the MFU community. As most folks are probably aware, there has been a steady shift of activity from the original Yahhogroups platform to here on LiveJournal [mostly writers and now overwhelmingly female] and more recently, to Facebook [attracting older fans and a lot of guys]. Alternatively, the activity on the MFU discussion groups on Yahoo have been dropping off steadily. Today, in the New York Times Magazine, there is an article describing the problems with the Yahoo company and how it may be bought and absorbed by other tech companies or cease to exist at all.

My concern is for the archives of our various groups here on Yahoo: Channels M, V, W, etc but especially here at Channel D. All of our emails are still archived here from 1998. That’s nearly two decades of interaction, virtually our fandom’s entire online history. This is an important resource, not only for our fandom community, but for Media Fandom at large.

We are arguably the oldest modern media fandom --- we even pre-date Trek --and we have expanded across a number of platforms over the decades It is extremely difficult to reconstruct history once it is lost by relying on folks’ fading memories. Because of the way the MFU discussion groups were set up, we have everything preserved from 1998 to the present in a way that other platforms like FB and even LJ can never accomplish.

I know many of you either no longer participate in the Yahoogroups or indeed, never did. STILL, this is a community-wide concern.

Somehow, we need to save these archives now before it is too late. I am not tech literate enough to know how to do it and of course, there is always the conversation about where it should all be stored and how to make it accessible to us and others.

But I do believe this is an issue we should tackle and soon. If Yahoo goes under or changes drastically, it will be too late.

I think it's a good time to begin the discussion.
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