vysila (vysila) wrote in mfu_canteen,

Announcing the Second Great MFU Valentine Exchange!

Fan Friends, guess what? It’s once again time for the muncle MFU Valentine Exchange! I missed doing it last year and figured we could at least make it a bi-annual event.

What is the MFU Valentine Exchange? It’s an opportunity to share the love and joy and appreciation you have for other fans and make their Valentine’s Day just a bit happier and brighter.

This is not about creating fiction or art, but a quick and easy way to give a nod to another fan, to say “I think you’re amazing” or “Thank you for the stories” or “sending hugs your way”.

The rules?
1. Choose up to 14 people in your fannish circles that you want to send a valentine to. They don't have to be on LJ but if they are, please include their LJ name. Listing names alphabetically would be helpful. Tumblr users, please feel free to link to this post and spread the word in that platform. I know there are a lot of MFU fans over there. (Yeah, I have a tumblr account but STILL cannot figure out how to use tumblr.)

2. Come up with a word or phrase for each valentine gift. As a child I used to carefully select those candy hearts to send certain sentiments to specific recipients – this is totally the same sort of thing. It can be a single word 'Awesome!'. It can be a short phrase saying why you like or admire that person (frex: 'I love your stories' or 'you are one of the kindest people I know'). It can be something silly like 'hats off to you' with a picture of a ridiculous hat. Send 'hugs' to someone who is going through a difficult period in their life.

3. Once you have completed your list of valentines, send the list to vysila AT Comcast DOT net, or send it to vysila via LJ private message. I will need your lists no later than midnight on Wednesday, February 11th.

4. I will then compile a master list of all valentines. If someone gets multiple valentines, each one will be listed individually. The master list will be posted to muncle on Valentine's Day. Cross links will be posted to other MFU communities on LJ as well. Tumblr users are welcome to link to the Valetine’s Day List o’ Love as well.

5. The master list will be posted anonymously – that is, no recipient will know who said nice things about them. I know this bothers some people, but this is the heart of the exchange. There is no expectation of reciprocity, no thank-you's to be tendered. The whole point of the exchange is to make others feel good – about themselves, about participating in fandom – with no strings attached. Let others know they are noticed and appreciated, as individuals and/or as fans.

Curious about how it turned out last time? Check out this page.

I do hope you want to participate – it’s a lot of fun!

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