lgvu (lgvu) wrote in mfu_canteen,

Our Dear SvetlanaCat

I haven't been active on LJ for over a year, before Svatlanacat went away for her treatment. So, for me, there are no memories of LJ without her. I still can't believe she is not going to pop up with a funny, snarky comment to my post.

Every day I could count on a witty post, a beautiful photo or some cute chibis to brighten my day. Svetlanacat was full of fun - any time I posted, she was one of the first to come back with a clever comment, a photo in response. I could never stump her in playing Guess the Obscure IllyaPhoto, since she had all of the screencaps from Liisa's library memorized. In an online world of (mostly) IllyaGirls, she was always sure to give us NapoleonGirls lovely photos and manips to drool over. She took good care of us.

If someone posted a beautiful photo of Napoleon with another woman hanging on him, I called Svetlanacat, my Genie of the Photoshop (Oh Genie, please remove this Innocent!) and she would come to my rescue, neatly taking the woman out of the photo so I could imagine myself in her place.

I remember the joy she had in the imaginary Innocents Closet, a place where we would throw those women in the photos who dared touch our men.

She was a joyful, playful and generous person who I could turn to, to brighten up a gloomy day. I will miss her. I hope you all take a moment to tell others on here how much you appreciate them, before it is too late.


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