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Upon reflections

I met Sveltana just after coming to LJ.  She commented upon one of my stories in ff.net and we struck up a conversation.  A short time later, she joined LJ and thus started the wonderfulness of both her humor and generosity.  She was the first one to comment, to offer a hand, to make a gesture.  She was a gifted writer in so many languages and so loving.  Her Foothills stories especially touched my heart. There will be a Svetlanacat hole in my heart for some time to come.

She loved to write and graced us with so may wonderful tales. She loved photography and had a gifted eye, for both real life and manips. She loved her dear little Patachou and I hoped someone is holding her near and comforting her. Mostly, though, I will remember Svetlana for her love of Chibies

Svetlana Chibis

MFU Chibis

These and so many more can be found at Chibis Anonymous

There will never be anyone else like her.
Tags: remembering

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