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Svetlanacat - Random Memories

Svetlanacat and I had more of a passing acquaintance.  She was among those that encouraged me when I made my initial foray into the world of drabbles and I will confess a fondness for when something I wrote made her choke on her coffee.

What notes we had exchanged in the past had always been friendly and I have always enjoyed looking at her extremely well-done photo-manips, so I was thrilled last year when I was told that she had claimed my MFU 50 Minibang story to do the artwork for - not only because I knew that the art would be first-rate, but also to get better acquainted.  We had already exchanged some emails and she had tossed out several ideas for what she was planning.

She had warned me in one of her notes that she was going to be away from home for awhile, so I didn't think it odd not to hear from her until I was given the sad news that her health had deteriorated and forced her to withdraw from the Minibang.  Loxelyprince stepped up and we agreed that our work should be dedicated to Svetlanacat.  I only hope it brightened her day a little bit the way that her comments and images had often brightened mine.

Rest in peace, cousin - your light wil be missed.
Tags: rest in peace, svetlanacat

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