sparky955 (sparky955) wrote in mfu_canteen,

A very, very heartfelt thank you to each of you.

Thank you for your good wishes, prayers and hugs.  The thing that flabbergasted me was when I posted yesterday after taking Spike in, people I didn't even know in The Canteen were wishing him and me well. I am overwhelmed by your kindnesses.  Don't think that all that good healing energy went to waste.  Spike had a comfortable night last night, and most of this morning, and when we looked into each other's eyes, he was able to tell me he wanted to go.  And, I've been able to calm down enough as the afternoon and evening has passed to be able to begin comforting Tazz into our new life.

I am blessed with your generosity of spirit, all of you.
Tags: thank you

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