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There has been enough interest for a MFU book club, so now the big question is which of the novels should we tackle first. To that end, I am asking anyone who is interested in being part of the reading club to take a few minutes and check out this write up on Wikipedia. It gives a brief synopsis of most of the books

The Man from U.N.C.L.E. (a.k.a. The Thousand Coffins Affair) by Michael Avallone. When villages in Africa and Scotland are wiped out by a plague of madness, Solo and Kuryakin dig up a graveyard and a monster named Golgotha.
2.The Doomsday Affair by Harry Whittington. The agents must find the mystery man "Tixe Ylno" before he triggers war between the USA and the USSR.
3.The Copenhagen Affair by John Oram. "UFOs" are buzzing Europe, and the U.N.C.L.E. agents crisscross Denmark to find the factory before THRUSH launches an armed fleet.
4.The Dagger Affair by David McDaniel. DAGGER fanatics have an energy damper that can shut down electrical fields, atomic reactions, and human beings, and even THRUSH is panicked.
5.The Mad Scientist Affair by John T. Phillifent. The agents stop biochemist "King Mike" from poisoning London, then discover his second plan is to contaminate the entire North Sea.
6.The Vampire Affair by David McDaniel. Napoleon and Illya don’t believe in vampires and werewolves, but an U.N.C.L.E. agent has died, so they must investigate an ancient castle in Transylvanian Romania.
7.The Radioactive Camel Affair by Peter Leslie. Solo joins a caravan and Kuryakin threads a war zone to reach a missile base deep in the Sudan hinterlands.
8.The Monster Wheel Affair by David McDaniel. The agents canvass the globe and infiltrate a remote island to confirm an inexplicable space station belongs to - Egypt?
9.The Diving Dames Affair by Peter Leslie. The deaths of two merry missionaries lead the agents to the plains of Brazil and a giant dam with no apparent purpose.
10.The Assassination Affair by J. Hunter Holly. Surviving assassins' bullets and a "do-it-yourself murder room", the agents follow THRUSH to desolated Michigan farms and a scheme to starve the world.
11.The Invisibility Affair by Thomas Stratton (Buck Coulson and Gene DeWeese). The agents track an invisible dirigible to a submarine in Lake Michigan - and a plot to hijack an entire country.
12.The Mind Twisters Affair by Thomas Stratton. People in a college town are unaccountably catatonic, euphoric, and raging. The agents must ferret out who and how before the "experiment" goes nationwide.
13.The Rainbow Affair by David McDaniel. The agents consult every classic fictional spy and detective in England to find the world's best bank robber before THRUSH can recruit - or kill - him.
14.The Cross of Gold Affair by Fredric Davies (Ron Ellik and Fredric Langley). Clues hidden in crossword puzzles lead the agents, hippies, and frogmen to a Coney Island death-trap to stop the biggest heist in history.
15.The Utopia Affair by David McDaniel. Solo must command U.N.C.L.E. North America while Waverly is on a forced six-week vacation, and an undercover Illya tries to protect Waverly from Thrush assassins.
16.The Splintered Sunglasses Affair by Leslie
17.The Hollow Crown Affair by David McDaniel. In the last published McDaniel, Thrushes Ward and Irene Baldwin from The Dagger Affair return in a battle against an U.N.C.L.E. lab chief who has defected to Thrush.
18.The Unfair Fare Affair by Leslie
19.The Power Cube Affair by John T. Phillifent
20.The Corfu Affair by John T. Phillifent
21.The Thinking Machine Affair by Joel Bernard
22.The Stone Cold Dead in the Market Affair by John Oram
23.The Finger in the Sky Affair by Peter Leslie
24.The Final Affair by David McDaniel. Completed but never published, the manuscript is circulated by fans.

We have a very generous cousin who has all the paperbacks digitalized, so there will be no trouble with anyone who is interesting in reading along, but I do ask that only the people who are going to be part of this to let me know their top five picks. From that, we can narrow the field and go from there.

My choices for the MFU Book Circle are:


I would like to meet:

Once a week
Once every other week
Once a month

Finally -

Does anyone have a nifty name for us?
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